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Announcing New Online Ordering –

Centralia, WA – Check out the new Instant Quote generator at Gorham Printing’s website for short-run book printing needs. Answering the requests over the years for a more automated system, a person can now easily create a quote, order a run of printed books and pay their deposit with a credit card any time around the clock.

By creating a personal account and the new Instant Quote will quickly show current pricing for any type of binding, page count or quantity right online. Color interior pages? Not a problem. Need more opaque text stock? The list of stock choices available pops up during the quote process. Rather have matte film lamination than standard gloss film lamination? Just click the appropriate choice.

Don’t forget Gorham Printing’s Page and Screen division. With the new Instant Quote, pricing a combination package of printed books and eBook files is available online. When Gorham Printing’s quality design staff layout your text and cover, the combination package is a great deal for any author. By using Gorham Printing’s design services, quality output in the printed books and on an eReader is assured.

Need to order reprints? Once an order has been completed with the new system, it’s easy to view past jobs and select the title needed. Pay the half-down deposit with a credit card and the job goes right into the production schedule.

No matter how exciting and easy this new system, Gorham’s quality customer service is still available during regular office hours, 8 to 4:30 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday. The new system is not replacing customer service, but enhancing the opportunity for customers to place an order anywhere, anytime through the Gorham Printing website.

Self Publishing

Why Write a Book?

People have various quick answers to this: They have to, they want to, they need to; they desire fame and fortune. How long have you been thinking about writing your book? Are you any closer now, than you were a year ago? Do you have any reason to believe you’ll be any closer a year from now, or 10 years from now? Why? What are you letting get in your way?

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Have you ever read a book that made you ask new questions or set you off in a different direction? Have you ever read a book that had a real impact on your life? That’s the book I want you to write. That’s the effect I want you to have on others.

But it won’t happen unless you begin. It won’t happen if you put it off for another week, or another month, or another year. It starts right now. You already know you have the reasons to write a book. You know what it will mean to you, and those around you. Can you really think of anything that will have a more important long-term affect on your life? Every time I ask a first-time author what they would do differently, they ALWAYS tell me they wished they’d written their book sooner. It made that big of a difference to them.

Seize the day and start now!

Start now!


WordPress is a great tool for self-published authors

When it comes to websites, many authors think “If you build it they will come.” While it’s true you need to build some kind of web presence, it takes more than an address to get people to your door. In the past there were two alternatives: pay a bundle for a professionally-designed site, or do all the heavy lifting yourself, and the learning curve can be steep. That’s where WordPress comes in. In their own words: “WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.” Not only is WordPress easy to use, but depending on the features you use, it’s free! You will have to pay for hosting and a domain name, but those are nominal costs. As with all web pages, follow these rules on your WordPress site and you can’t go wrong:

Know your audience. Form your content for them specifically. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone, find out exactly what your target audience is interested in and what is appealing to them stylistically. There are hundreds (thousands?) of great WordPress templates to choose from. Combined with book cover and book title graphics that Gorham Printing can provide, you can customize your look.

Keep up with social media. WordPress sites make it easy to do this with connections to Facebook, Twitter and others. By its very nature, a WordPress site is “connected” in more ways than a conventional website. The blog features of WordPress enable you to keep it current and “alive”.

Provide valuable content. Background information on characters can be interesting, as are alternative chapters or endings. A tricked-out book trailer or a podcast on YouTube might direct traffic to your page. Be creative and come up with content that is likely to be bookmarked and shared.

Get the word out. Once you’ve got your WordPress site going strong, you have a better chance of crowds finding you. Send out invites to your location, and those chances double! From chat rooms and direct emails to social media and forums, opportunities abound for sending invites to prospective visitors.

WordPress is a great tool for authors. Get started today!