About Us, Book production

Don’t Forget Shipping!

Books are heavy and we need to get them to you when they’re finished. If you don’t live near enough to pick up your books at our shop, we’ll ship them to you via UPS Ground. This is the shipper we’ve found to be the least expensive relative to speed of delivery.

If you’re curious about the cost of shipping your book order, set up an account in our free, instant Quote Generator. Enter the specs of your job, click “continue” on the quantity you’d like to see the full quote for, and view the shipping estimate about two-thirds of the way down the quote.

We can coordinate freight shipments for orders that fill over thirteen boxes.


Karrie taking care of business in the bindery

What about split shipments?

We’re happy to coordinate shipments of books to different addresses. Submit your order with a hold and contact Kamra to submit quantities and addresses for shipping to multiple locations.

Remember, delayed shipping information will slow your order. Submit your special shipping instructions as close to the beginning of your order as possible to ensure prompt production times.

UPS Ship Times

Don’t forget to account for shipping from Washington State to your location when you’re thinking about the time table for your book’s production, especially if you need your books for a special event.

Notes on UPS

Be sure to submit accurate, valid addresses on your order. We enter the information we have, and if that information is inaccurate, re-routing during transit can incur additional shipping costs.

Be sure to include a physical address in your shipping information. UPS Will not deliver finished books to a USPS Post Office Box.


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