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Reprints Made Easy

When you make an account in our free Quote Generator, you can save an unlimited amount of quotes for your book project(s). Your first printing should be the title of your book. The quote becomes your first printing when you agreed to the terms and conditions, make a deposit, submit files, and see the process through to finished books in hand. When your final balance is paid, Kamra archives your order.

Kamra is here to help with reprint orders!

The record of your book’s specifications is saved in our one-of-a-kind online order tracking software. When you need to price or order a reprint, log in to your account and find your order history under Past Orders. Review the specifications of the edition by clicking on Order Details. Click Reprint to quote the new quantity you need.

New Files: PDF or Design Change

Does your book need to be different from the last time we printed it? The reprint quoter allows you to tell us which components need to be different.

If you submitted print-ready PDFs for your original order, make necessary changes in your native file and convert it to a new PDF. Use our File Upload Tool to submit your new PDF after you’ve made your half-down deposit. We’ll send you a proof if you requested this option in the reprint quoter.

If Gorham Printing did your design and you need to make editorial changes, the best way to submit them is in a marked-up, page-tagged copy of your book. Kathy or Genevieve will make your changes at the standard hourly design rate, a new print file will be created, and your new book can go to production after you approve your proofs.

How fast?

Exact reprints often take less time than first runs because you can bypass proofing. The standard 10-15 business day production window begins the day after you place your order. Give us a call to discuss rush orders. We can work with you to accommodate most deadlines.

Can I log in?

Not sure if you have an account with us? Send a message to info@gorhamprinting.com and we can retrieve your password, or give us a call at 1-800-837-0970.

If you know you have an account, click here to log in.

FAQ: Are reprints less expensive than my first run?

In many cases, yes. Exact reprints of the same quantity of books will not include about $50 worth of file review costs included in the cost of your first print. If you order more or fewer copies in your second run, that $50 won’t be present in the total either, reducing your overall cost per book.

Reprints with changes are subject to new file review and optional proofing costs.


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