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An Evening with the Authors

Last Friday the Lewis County Historical Museum welcomed the public for its sixth annual Evening with the Authors. We had the privilege of attending this event and decked out our table to match the museum’s incredible Christmas Village and the rest of the festive decorations.


We took great pride in joining a good handful of our local authors at this event. While we love printing books for writers, families, and small presses all over the country, there is particular joy in supporting our local authors. This group of clients showcases the diversity of books we print. They represent novelists, historians, non-fiction and self-help writers.


From left to right: Jan Pierson, author of the Ghostowners Series (calamityjan.com); Ellen King Rice with her novel, The Evo Angel, a mycological thriller set in the Pacific Northwest (ellenkingrice.com); Buddy Rose, author of Fire Mountains, a hiking guide to Washington’s three volcanoes; Margaret Chambers with her history of a rural Lewis County church, St. Urban’s Church: Early Years; Randall R. Booher and his personal development workbook, You Are the Issue, hot of the presses, along with his illustrator (and sister!), Leslie Gammelgaard; and Julie McDonald Zander with just two of her many local and personal history books, Winning a War and The Other Side of Banking (chaptersoflife.com).

We hope to see even more of our local authors here next year. Contact the museum for more information on how to participate.

Why Write a Book?

People have various quick answers to this: They have to, they want to, they need to; they desire fame and fortune. How long have you been thinking about writing your book? Are you any closer now, than you were a year ago? Do you have any reason to believe you’ll be any closer a year from now, or 10 years from now? Why? What are you letting get in your way?

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Have you ever read a book that made you ask new questions or set you off in a different direction? Have you ever read a book that had a real impact on your life? That’s the book I want you to write. That’s the effect I want you to have on others.

But it won’t happen unless you begin. It won’t happen if you put it off for another week, or another month, or another year. It starts right now. You already know you have the reasons to write a book. You know what it will mean to you, and those around you. Can you really think of anything that will have a more important long-term affect on your life? Every time I ask a first-time author what they would do differently, they ALWAYS tell me they wished they’d written their book sooner. It made that big of a difference to them.

Seize the day and start now!

Start now!