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Get to Know Gorham Printing

Welcome to Gorham Printing! We are a highly-versatile short run book printer located halfway between Portland and Seattle. We work with self-publishing authors, independent publishers, universities, historians, artists, and many other types of clients all over the country. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been known for our outstanding print and binding quality and our top-shelf customer service.

We want to make sure your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible. To help make that a reality for all of our customers, our staff has compiled a set of insider tips and tricks so you and your project can prepare for smooth passage from prepress through production. Check out the links to the helpful articles below for more details.

The team at Gorham Printing

How Do I Get Started?

Getting Ready for Print-Ready PDF Orders

Preparing Your Content for Design Services

Choosing the Right Paper

Color Management: Pro Tips

Reprints Made Easy

Don’t Forget Shipping

Special thanks to David S. Bailey for the photographs around the shop!


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Successful Summer Sales for Self Publishers

The days are getting longer as we head toward the solstice. With the extra hours of sunshine, now is an excellent time to plan a summer sales event for your book. I’m not suggesting setting up a lemonade stand on your front yard, but you might rent a booth at a local festival or street faire. You have a variety of options to sell your book as a self-published author if you look for them!

Street faires and festivals:

Front cover image of the delightful children's book
Front cover image of the delightful children’s book

Jamie David, author of Johann Sebastian Humpbach, a delightful chapter book for children, sets up a table at her town’s weekly street faire during the summer. Does your area have a tourist trade? Check the events calendar of your local paper, or within a certain radius of you.

Jan holding Romance 101
Jan holding Romance 101

Jan Bono recently attended an outdoor bazaar in her local area, selling copies of all of her titles. Over the years Jan has created a professional-looking booth that compliments her infectiously fun personality and augments her book sales.


If not a faire booth, why not contact a local juice bar or café and see if they will host a book signing event for a few hours? Give yourself enough advance notice to be able to put notices up and spread the word through your social media.

Start setting up your calendar for July and August. Are you vacationing somewhere that may have an independent book store? Why not try to set up a book-signing event during your stay? Is there a local bed and breakfast that would love to host a visiting author? Contact your local library and ask to set up a “Meet the Author” event where you could present an evening of how your book came to be, reading a page or two and open the floor to questions.

Check your inventory.
Do you need to place a reprint order?
Allowing two to three weeks for production
could prove a problem if you’ve set up events
without having enough books on hand.

What else can you do to hook an audience? Think outside the box! I like to link marketing efforts for my latest romantic comedy, Her Ghost Wears Kilts, recently licensed by Amazon Encore imprint, with the cable television series Outlander. The program is between seasons and fans may want a book about a ghostly lord of ol’ Scotland to tide them over.

Be creative and use this time for aggressive marketing.


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Reviews – When You’re Self Publishing

One of the more difficult aspects of self publishing is collecting book reviews. Whether on Amazon.com or Goodreads, a posted review helps get the word out about your book. You can’t count on friends and family members to write up their view points even though you ask often, they nod their heads and then nothing happens. Statistics show as little as one in ten people will take the time to post a review of a book they’ve read. Why go through the time and expense of getting reviews? It can mean much in getting the attention of new readers.

The costs of packaging and sending out review copies should be considered as part of your marketing budget. Advance review copies (ARC) can either be a short-run of books printed, or part of your larger run. Understand books sent to review services will not be returned. One thing to keep in mind, sending copies of your book out for review around the holidays is not the best idea. You are not guaranteed a review from whomever, and they may give away your book as a gift to someone else.

The big names such as Kirkus and Library Journal Reviews want submissions from traditional publishers at a minimum of ninety days before the release date of the book. However, Kirkus does have an Indie division which will review the book for $425.00. A hefty price tag, but the well-known name holds weight in the literary world. There is no guarantee you will receive a positive review, they will weigh the professional look of your cover and interior pages as well as grammar and story structure.

Another heavy player in the book review world is Midwest Book Review, established in 1976, dedicated to showcasing reviews of small press, independently published or self-published books. Guidelines for submitting your book can be found on their website. They request two copies of your printed book. If you’re sending an eBook, PDF or advance review copy (ARC), there is a reader’s fee. MBR reviews will appear on Amazon.com if you’ve set up to sell your book with Amazon. You can add a piece of your MBR review as a back cover blurb on future printings. Or use it in promotional materials you send to bookstores.

Online book reviews held build an internet presence for you and your book. One place is ArmchairInterviews.com . You sign up as an author and designate how many copies of your book you will provide for review, filling out the form with a synopsis and categories of your book. You will be contacted to send a copy of the book to the reviewer(s) who has chosen to read your book. The great thing is you only send out a book when a reviewer has requested one.

A bad review is like baking a cake
with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it.

Danielle Steel

Due to the quantity of books a reviewing service may receive at any one time, your book may not be reviewed despite your best efforts. Unless otherwise noted from the reviewer, you should not interpret the absence of a review as a judgment about the quality of your book. There may not be enough reviewers available for the demand.

Use your social media outlets to remind friends and others to take a moment and leave a review about your book. It doesn’t have to be long, even a short blurb is counted.

The door on reviews swings both ways, have you left reviews for the book(s) you just finished reading? The author would love to hear your thoughts.

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Wonderful Color, Digital Style

Gorham Printing recently upgraded their color printers to newer, faster models for eye-popping color on interior pages of a book. Whether you have old family photos you want to keep in original sepia tones, or current digital camera images in bright techno-colors, Gorham Printing can give color images the treatment they deserve.

Some themes for color interiors include:

  • Art sketchbooks
  • Manuals with charts and graphs
  • Graphic novels
  • Cookbooks
  • Memoirs with photographs and documents
  • Children’s picture books

Digitally printed color-filled books, printed right here in western Washington, are an easy, affordable alternative to overseas printing — print up to 1000 books per order, with a minimum of 32 pages for a perfect bound book. Our standard stock is 60# white, but we also offer a more opaque 70# white and 80# white uncoated stock if you prefer a thicker stock.

Why a minimum of 32 pages?

A page count of 32 is a traditional standard for children’s picture books, for both early books with images on every page as well as for 7- to 11-year-old level titles, where images may be on every other page and include 500 to 1000 words of text. Additionally, our binding equipment requires the thickness of 32 pages to provide a quality trade paperback binding.

Do all pages have to be in color?

No! Our pricing is based on the exact number of color pages in your book. The sample charts on our website are calculated based all black and white or all color interior pages, but if you select “Prices” from the main menu then click “Calculate Price,” you can enter the exact specifications of your book, splitting out the number of black and white or color pages, and learn the price for your custom project instantly. Remember, page counts must be divisible by two.

Whether it’s a gift book of stories and photographs for friends and family, or a business book commercially sold, Gorham Printing makes a stunning, affordable color interior possible right here in the USA!