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Small But Mighty

Did you know it’s National Small Business Week? With a team of just ten people, Gorham Printing most definitely fits in the small business category. That ten-person team includes our owner, Kurt, as well as the production crew, customer service reps and administrators, design and prepress staff, and our very own marketing director. Although we are located in Washington State, and proudly serve a large base of customers in our greater Pacific Northwest community, the majority of our books are shipped to customers all over the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Between 2000 and 5000 books come out of our shop on a weekly basis. We usually have between 75 and 125 individual titles making their way through the design, prepress, proofing, and production phases on a given day.

Not only are we a small business ourselves, but we support other small businesses whose models and practices involve printed material in book form. We design and print manuals, field guides, textbooks, workbooks, spiritual and religious texts, cookbooks, and how-to books for experts in a wide array of fields.

The late Tom Newton started printing books with us well over a decade ago. The story of his book is somewhat mythic in our shop. Tom was teaching auto shop at a high school in California and looking for a textbook about how cars work when he realized such a book

Newton Spines
We are binding a run of 3000 today!

did not exist. So, he wrote that book. Currently in its twenty-second printing, with at least 2000 books in each run (usually 3000!), How Cars Work is thought to be the book we’ve printed the most copies of. Tom’s daughter has decided to carry on her father’s business, and is also exploring the possibility of producing an ebook!




We were very excited to hear from Leavenworth-based yogi Holly Fiske when she brought The Book of Handstands to our shop in the summer of 2016. Holly sells her book along with a line of adventure apparel at wildmovements.com.

Mike and Angela Chute are the owners of RoseSolutions, a Rhode Island-based landscaping business. They deepened the integrity of their business model by writing and publishing Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and the companion spiral-bound journal, Rose Gardening By Season: A Journal for Rose-Book_Cover_LightenedPassionate Gardeners. Not only can local clients hire them for landscape work, but rose gardeners all over the region can benefit from the years of knowledge they’ve compiled to share in these volumes. They also speak at garden centers in the area, which is a great way to supplement books sales on their website, rosesolutions.net.

Are you a small business owner? Our small business wants to help your small business grow by harnessing your knowledge, products, and services in the pages of a book!

Book production

Very Special Visitors

Yesterday we welcomed eleven little students from the Centralia College Lab School to our print shop! The kids took their very first bus ride out to our shop on the west side of Centralia with their chaperones.

They learned about proofs or “practice books” that we send to our clients before we print the book to make sure there are no mistakes. They watched a black and white printer in action and learned about “four up” and “two up” printing and were amazed that we print on paper big enough to print four books at once!


Next they saw Darryl slice through a stack of books blocks six inches thick on the cutting machine, then watched Karrie run book blocks through the binder.


Finally they watched a stack of bound books go through the trimmer. This machine has lots of windows so they could see the books be pushed, pulled, and sliced to their exact trim size. They saw how a book is made from start to finish!

When the tour was over, we used a “parent” sheet (how we receive our bulk stock) to make a banner for all the kids to decorate.


Everyone had a wonderful time. We will always have a reminder of this special afternoon!


Thank you, Centralia College Lab School!

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What Your Book Will Do For You as a Speaker?

Have you thought of becoming a speaker? What if you had a book you could sell at the back of the room after your talk? As a small business owner writing a book will increase your exposure across the country. Imagine a guidebook of generalities about your business, a handy volume of tips and tricks or an entertaining memoir of the CEO.

As a speaker, your topics may vary, yet your book subject matter should fill a need or void of information for your reader. Your book will help advance your ideas, maybe call attention to a new idea, or serve as a tangible representation of your experience. Your book will establish you as an authority on the subject.

Interestingly the words “author” and “authority” come from the same Latin word. To be an authority, you need to be an author. As an author, you are an authority. In a study cited by Forbes and BusinessWeek, 96% of surveyed business authors “realize a significant positive impact on their businesses from writing a book and would recommend the practice…”

A great example is national speaker Jen Mueller, CEO of Talk Sporty to Me, Seattle, Washington. Her book Game Time has gone through multiple printings, including custom orders from other venues to give away as gifts.

A published book under your arm as a speaker will increase the effect on your audience, elevate their respect for your knowledge whatever the topic. With the wonderful concept of short-run book printing, you can start with fifty to a hundred copies of your book to gauge reaction. Once your schedule starts filling up with speaking engagements, you order runs of books to be ready when you are. Are you ready?

Is short-run book printing right for you?
Is short-run book printing right for you?
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Made in the USA is Gorham Printing’s Pride

With the 2012 election season over, dust from debates and political ads has settled. It’s time to turn more diligent attention to American production. Companies who produce quality products right here in the United States need support and commitment from public consumers.  Made in America is a logo of pride, of quality crafting and the knowledge that American workers, not cheap foreign labor, created the product.

One such company is Gorham Printing, short-run book printers in the state of Washington. Trade paperback books are produced in this plant by a handful of dedicated employees. They understand the importance of an author’s sweat and dedication completing their novel or memoir. Small businesses bring in how-to books or helpful manuals hoping to increase their customer base and levels of service by providing information and answers to everyday concerns.

Take small business owner Rachel Hubbard of Mercer Publishing. Hubbard saw a need in providing instructive practice tests for the gifted program entry exams by offering similar questions and formats to the actual tests. She created a series of books, invaluable tools, in various grade levels, helping children do their best during testing.

Ensuring quality text and covers is status quo for Gorham Printing. Production of trade paperback books is done in one plant located in Centralia, WA.

Consumers have the responsibility in this still-fragile economy to research and seek out companies where their hard-earned dollars will stay in America. Whether from a red state or a blue state, small businesses are the backbone of America. Bolster confidence and help turn the economy around by looking for Made in America products.