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DIY Quoting is Easier than Ever!

Need pricing on a short run of hardcover books? How about a square perfect bound book, or a landscape spiral-bound cookbook? Our new Quote Generator has more options and can price your custom book printing project instantly.

Take Advantage of Instant Pricing

We know that making the decision about where to print your book project is a big one, and we want to help you decide. Your time is valuable, too. That’s why we’ve upgraded our Quote Generator to put more versatile pricing right at your fingertips! Now you can compare pricing for all of our binding styles and paper stocks, trim sizes from 4×5” to 8.5×11” in portrait or landscape, design services, eBooks, and more without entering your personal information.

New Quote Generator

Click “Get Started” to price hardcover books, custom trim sizes, and a variety of paper stocks

Taking the Next Step

You’ve browsed our website, priced your project on our Quote Generator, and decided that Gorham Printing’s short run book printing and design services are the right fit for your needs. What’s the next step?

When you’re ready to save a quote for later, learn shipping estimates, or place an order, enter your demographic information to set up an account. Your information is safe with us, and we never sell it to third parties or use it to spam you. From this portal, you can create and save an unlimited number of quotes for future reference, get shipping estimates, track current orders, manage reprints, and make deposits or final payments with all major credit cards.

We are extremely excited to unveil the latest version of the Quote Generator. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience with our pricing tools, do not hesitate to give us a call. Kamra, Alison, and the rest of the front office crew are here to help!

Happy Quoting!


eBook Options at Gorham Printing

Did you know that we not only produce printed books of exceptional quality, but eBook files as well? Read on to learn more about Gorham Printing’s eBook services!

Files & Pricing

The two eBook files types are EPUB and MOBI. The MOBI is the file that runs exclusively on the Amazon Kindle and can be sold on Amazon. The EPUB can run on all other tablets and e-readers and can be sold through online venues such as Barnes & Noble.

Our eBook pricing is a simple formula based on the final page count of your print file. For $1.70 per page plus a $70 flat fee, we will submit your print file to our preferred conversion company to be set up in both EPUB and MOBI file types.

Note that in some cases, particularly for children’s books, only EPUB “fixed layout” output is possible. Despite the single file type output, these conversions can often be more complex and result in a higher cost than anticipated. If we learn your conversion cost will be higher than the price our formula calculates, we will notify you as soon as possible so you can decide if you’d like to proceed.

What’s the Process?

When you submit an order with an eBook included, your eBook conversion will not begin until you approve your proofs for the final production of your print books. When we receive your signed approval for the print books, we will submit your print file for conversion within several business days. We will learn the firm price for conversion at this time, and be in touch if the conversion service reports any unexpected prices or foresees any problems with your book’s ability to become an eBook.

The conversion process takes two to three weeks from the date we submit your file to the conversion service. Once we receive your EPUB and MOBI files from the conversion service, we send them right to you.

Where can I sell my eBook?

Once you have eBook files, you can set them up for sale on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble Nook Press, or through a personal website.

A note on how to price your eBook: Amazon will give you a 70% royalty if you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99. If you price your book outside these parameters, you’ll get a 35% royalty. Barnes & Noble’s royalty is always 65%.

You can add an eBook to your order in our Quote Generator.

As always, the friendly staff at Gorham Printing is here to take your call and answer any questions you might have.


Customize Your Book with Gorham Printing

Are you looking for ways to set your book apart from the rest? You may want to consider a custom extra. While you won’t find these options in our Quote Generator, we do have standard pricing for extras like printed end sheets in hardcover editions, printing on the inside of perfect bound covers, and custom dies on cloth bound hardcovers.

Give us call (1-800-837-0970) or send us an email ( to discuss pricing on your custom extra!

Printed End Sheets

Printed end sheets are a great way to bring your readers into the atmosphere of your hardcover book from the moment they open the cover. Our standard pricing includes white or off-white end sheets, selected to match your interior stock.

Donahue Endsheets

Printed end sheets in Donahue’s “Rudek and the Bear” (learn more at

We’ve had some terrific projects come through the shop with printed end sheets, including a web comic anthology by Peter Donahue (right).

Pricing is based on the number of books you want to print AND the number of end sheets to be custom printed (there are two end sheets in each book, and some customers opt for one custom printed and one standard) as well as the orientation of your project (portrait or landscape). Have this information ready when you inquire.

Inside Cover Printing

Softcover books don’t have end sheets, but printing on the inside cover is possible. Pricing is based on the number of books in your order and, like the end sheets, the orientation of your book. This local history book by Anni Evans has an old map printed on the inside cover. Printed Inside Cover

Custom Dies

If you are interested in an image foil stamped on your cloth bound hardcover, or a specific font for your foil-stamped title and author name, you have the option of adding a custom die to your order. Custom dies start at $150 and increase in cost based on size and complexity. Simply submit a PDF of the true-to-size image you’d like cast as a die when you place your order and submit files.

Custom DieThomas Sawyer submitted an image of hands shuffling cards for his custom die.

The possibilities for a truly unique, customized book are endless when you choose Gorham Printing for your book project. We can’t wait to talk to you about bringing your vision to life!

Reprints Made Easy

When you make an account in our free Quote Generator, you can save an unlimited amount of quotes for your book project(s). Your first printing should be the title of your book. The quote becomes your first printing when you agreed to the terms and conditions, make a deposit, submit files, and see the process through to finished books in hand. When your final balance is paid, Kamra archives your order.


Kamra is here to help with reprint orders!

The record of your book’s specifications is saved in our one-of-a-kind online order tracking software. When you need to price or order a reprint, log in to your account and find your order history under Past Orders. Review the specifications of the edition by clicking on Order Details. Click Reprint to quote the new quantity you need.

New Files: PDF or Design Change

Does your book need to be different from the last time we printed it? The reprint quoter allows you to tell us which components need to be different.

If you submitted print-ready PDFs for your original order, make necessary changes in your native file and convert it to a new PDF. Use our File Upload Tool to submit your new PDF after you’ve made your half-down deposit. We’ll send you a proof if you requested this option in the reprint quoter.

If Gorham Printing did your design and you need to make editorial changes, the best way to submit them is in a marked-up, page-tagged copy of your book. Kathy or Genevieve will make your changes at the standard hourly design rate, a new print file will be created, and your new book can go to production after you approve your proofs.

How fast?

Exact reprints often take less time than first runs because you can bypass proofing. The standard 10-15 business day production window begins the day after you place your order. Give us a call to discuss rush orders. We can work with you to accommodate most deadlines.

Can I log in?

Not sure if you have an account with us? Send a message to and we can retrieve your password, or give us a call at 1-800-837-0970.

If you know you have an account, click here to log in.

FAQ: Are reprints less expensive than my first run?

In many cases, yes. Exact reprints of the same quantity of books will not include about $50 worth of file review costs included in the cost of your first print. If you order more or fewer copies in your second run, that $50 won’t be present in the total either, reducing your overall cost per book.

Reprints with changes are subject to new file review and optional proofing costs.

Introducing…Our New Website!

Gorham Printing has a new look! As always, we pride ourselves in the amount of information available on our website, but now we think it’s even better. We’ve been working hard on our site and we hope you’ll find our new features intuitive and helpful.

New Features

We know you’ll love our new Quick Price feature. If you want to print 25 to 2000 copies of a softcover book sized between 4×5” and 8.5xll” portrait or landscape with a 32- to 900-page black & white or color interior and a glossy cover, you can enter your desired quantity, your trim size, and your page count including an exact color break down for a to-the-penny price that is one click away. (I’m serious. Try it. It’s fun. Matte lamination adds about $3 to a 50-book order.)

An overview of our process is easy-to-find and up to date. Instructions and requirements for sending us print-ready PDF files are more prominent under the Prep Your Files tab. We hope you enjoy browsing our book design portfolios and that you’ll call us if you have questions about any of this after you’ve taken a look at what we offer.

We’ve even updated the staff page so you can get an idea of who we are. There are ten of us in the building every day including Kurt Gorham, the owner. We are a small but mighty team and we love working hard for you. Now you can get to know us a little better!

Returning Customers

Looking for your log in? Just hover your mouse over Prices and click on Quote Generator. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Customer Log In” on the right. We are working on a direct long in link on the home page and we appreciate your patience as we fine-tune the new site.

Talk to Us

We want to hear from you. We did our best to keep you, your needs, and your questions in mind when we updated our website. If something isn’t working for you or doesn’t make sense, let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience with Gorham Printing, so don’t be shy.

As always, our customer service and attention to detail set us apart. We take pride in crafting your books and we stand behind our quality. If you have any doubt, just ask any one of the thousands of satisfied customers we’ve had over the years.

We can’t wait to meet your book!

Wonderful Color, Digital Style

Gorham Printing recently upgraded their color printers to newer, faster models for eye-popping color on interior pages of a book. Whether you have old family photos you want to keep in original sepia tones, or current digital camera images in bright techno-colors, Gorham Printing can give color images the treatment they deserve.

Some themes for color interiors include:

  • Art sketchbooks
  • Manuals with charts and graphs
  • Graphic novels
  • Cookbooks
  • Memoirs with photographs and documents
  • Children’s picture books

Digitally printed color-filled books, printed right here in western Washington, are an easy, affordable alternative to overseas printing — print up to 1000 books per order, with a minimum of 32 pages for a perfect bound book. Our standard stock is 60# white, but we also offer a more opaque 70# white and 80# white uncoated stock if you prefer a thicker stock.

Why a minimum of 32 pages?

A page count of 32 is a traditional standard for children’s picture books, for both early books with images on every page as well as for 7- to 11-year-old level titles, where images may be on every other page and include 500 to 1000 words of text. Additionally, our binding equipment requires the thickness of 32 pages to provide a quality trade paperback binding.

Do all pages have to be in color?

No! Our pricing is based on the exact number of color pages in your book. The sample charts on our website are calculated based all black and white or all color interior pages, but if you select “Prices” from the main menu then click “Calculate Price,” you can enter the exact specifications of your book, splitting out the number of black and white or color pages, and learn the price for your custom project instantly. Remember, page counts must be divisible by two.

Whether it’s a gift book of stories and photographs for friends and family, or a business book commercially sold, Gorham Printing makes a stunning, affordable color interior possible right here in the USA!

“Why Do I Have To Pay For Overruns?”

This is one of the most common questions we receive from our self-publishing clients after they receive their final invoice. The answer is simple: quality control. Mishaps in various book production processes are an unavoidable aspect of the book printing industry, so we print extra components in order to ensure we can send you a complete order of the highest possible quality.

Our terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions as they appear on your quote before it becomes an order.

When we print your book, we will print up to 10% more book blocks and covers than the quantity listed on your order. For example, for an order of 100 books, we may print 110 book blocks and 110 covers. Some of those covers may print with a streak in the toner and will be considered unusable by our print technicians. Some covers might pick up a bubble in the laminating machine. Most common are mishaps with the binding and trimming machines. Slim spines, landscape books, and custom trim sizes are all trickier to bind and cut.

Clockwise from the top left: A book block destroyed by the binding machine; a book cut short by the trimmer; three covers stuck to one text block by the binding machine.

Clockwise from the top left: A book block destroyed by the binding machine; a book cut short by the trimmer; three covers stuck to one text block by the binding machine. You do NOT pay for these mishaps – you only pay for perfect books!

Remember, your final invoice reflects only the cost of perfect books. For example, of that 100-book order, you will most likely receive and pay for 106 or 107 copies. And, we charge for the overruns based on the production cost only; pre-press and design fees are removed from the per-book cost calculation of your overruns.

The cost of your overruns will appear in the Additional Charges field of your invoice.

The cost of your overruns will appear in the Additional Charges field of your invoice.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about our book printing policies and procedures. Just give us a call!